Repurposed Soy Affirmation Candle - INTENTION - UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE
Repurposed Soy Affirmation Candle - INTENTION - UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE
Repurposed Soy Affirmation Candle - INTENTION - UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE
Repurposed Soy Affirmation Candle - INTENTION - UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE
Trannabis Chi

Repurposed Soy Affirmation Candle - INTENTION - UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE

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Intention: Unconditional Self-Love

Affirmations: Side 1 - "I AM ENOUGH" Side 2 - "I LOVE MYSELF"


   1. Red Agate - Stability, harmony, self-confidence

   2. Tigers Eye - Protection, personal power, determination

   3. Citrine - Confidence, happiness, strength

   4. Clear Quartz - Healing, clarity, creativity

   5. Magnesite - Inner calm, grounding, clarity

   6. Hematite - Grounding, practicality, courage

Essential Oils: Lavender and Rosemary

Herbs and Flowers: Dried lavender and dried rose petals



Each Affirmation Candle is made with unconditional love and positive intentions. Enjoy hours of meditation, manifestation, and relaxation. Every time you light your candle, you're awakening and manifesting these positive affirmations into your life. Know each candles glow surrounds you with the unconditional love put into the candle. The energies of the moon-charged crystals and healing therapeutic grade essential oils raise vibrations both to and for your highest good. These make wonderful self-care gifts to yourself or someone you want to surround with the highest vibrations of love. These candles are supported by the TESLA 369 Rule.

Allow the affirmation scrolls to burn and ignite your intention into the universe or keep them and have them close to your heart in a necklace, pocket, wallet, or your alter. The affirmation scrolls will be preserved in the soy wax to keep these affirmations at the top of mind. Once the candle no longer burns, you can remove and cleanse your crystals to keep in many of the same ways as the affirmations. Additionally, you can repurpose your jar for any purpose you desire.

***If you choose, you can save them until you have SIX and return the SIX jars to me in exchange for ONE FREE CUSTOM Affirmation Candle.

These candles are repurposed from start to finish. From the repurposed glass 1/8th jars previously used for cannabis flower to many of the crystals and herbs inside. The soy wax ensures no harm came to any bees within the process. The essential oils are therapeutic organic oils safe for therapeutic uses, especially for aroma therapy.

Must be 21+ to purchase.

***$1 will be donated to the Trans Wellness Center and $1 will be donated to ProjectQ.

Story behind the project:

Jamie decided to start the Trannabis Chi/Trannabis Repurpose Project after collecting so many different types of packaging throughout the last few years of medicating with cannabis. The cannabis industry has many challenges in packaging, which include following laws, while also being sustainable. In order to ensure these packages have a smaller carbon footprint on the planet, Jamie chose to repurpose and sell the items in which some of the proceeds are donated to organizations supporting the LGBTQAI+ BIPOC and BIPOC communities.