Custom Guided Meditation With Music
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Custom Guided Meditation With Music

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Namaste my friend. Are you experiencing more stress than usual? Is your brain active when you're trying to fall asleep? Would you like a companion during your break at work? Enjoy this new Trannabis Chi service - Guided Meditations with music. The Guided Meditations with music are a collaboration with Humxn Sound, a branch of The Humxn Xperience.


“YOU ARE THE SOUND. Humxn Sounds harmonizes with the world through the authentic sounds of each artist. With deep appreciation for sound therapy and electronic beats; Humxn Sounds welcomes you to the highest tempo of love.”


You will receive a 60-minute guided meditation with music via email as an audio mp3 file within a week. Please make sure your e-mail is in the notes. ***The delivery period subject to change.