Custom Long-Form Guided Meditation
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Custom Long-Form Guided Meditation

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Namaste my friend. Are you experiencing more stress than usual? Is your brain active when you're trying to fall asleep? Would you like a companion during your break at work? Enjoy this new Trannabis Chi service - Guided Meditations.

Within 48-hours you will have a completely customized 60-minute guided meditation in your inbox via audio mp3 file

Please leave the answers to these questions in the notes:

1. Where is your happy place?

    a. A forest
    b. The beach
    c. The spa
    d. Your bed
    e. The desert
    f. The mountains
   g. ______________(fill in the blank)

2. What's an intention or two you would like to focus on?

3. What's your favorite color/animal/chakra/sound if you have any?