Trannabis Chi For Businesses

Are you interested in a unique wellness perk for your employees? Trannabis Chi for Businesses is the benefit your employees will get excited about and so will you. There's opportunity for team bonding and cultivating unconditional self-love, which could make your business that much more productive and efficient. This is an offering which will show your employees that you truly care about their overall wellbeing. Experience the whole team de-stress and gain renewed focus and motivation, along with expansion in creativity. Trannabis Chi will provide a safe space for employees of all bodies and all abilities to be themselves, which promotes mental health and self-care.


1. 3 Classes a week (Longer programs available, reach out to the e-mail below)
2. Weekly or monthly class offerings
3. Quarterly special events (Please inquire via email)
4. Private sessions for each employee  (Please inquire via email)
5. Employee discounts on classes, private sessions, subscription services, guided meditations and affirmations, as well as in-shop  (Please inquire via email)
Contact for special inquiry or questions