Trannabis Chi For Businesses

Are you interested in a unique spiritual wellness perk for your employees? Trannabis Chi for Businesses is the benefit your employees will get excited about and so will you. There's opportunity for team bonding and cultivating unconditional self-love, which could make your business that much more productive and efficient. This is an offering which will show your employees that you truly care about their overall wellbeing. Experience the whole team de-stress and gain renewed focus and motivation, along with expansion in creativity. Trannabis Chi will provide a safe space for employees of all bodies and all abilities to be themselves, which promotes mental health and self-care.


1. 3 Classes a week (Longer 3/6/9/12 month programs available, reach out to the e-mail below)
2. Weekly or monthly class offerings
3. Quarterly special events (Please inquire via email)
4. Private sessions for each employee  (Please inquire via email)
5. Employee discounts on classes, private sessions, subscription services, guided meditations and affirmations, as well as in-shop  (Please inquire via email)
Contact for special inquiry or questions





"I knew I wouldn't get a traditional program when I asked Jamie to participate in our education and leadership development conference. But I never expected the level of excellence he infused into his session. I was simply blown away. Here’s why I think so highly of him . . .

Back in December 2020, I was tasked to organize the first education and leadership conference for the government relations team at Weedmaps. A fairly small department within the company (about twelve people), the assignment was still a challenge: The team consisted of professionals at every level--from “associates” (recent college graduates) to seasoned political operatives--and they were far-flung across the country. That meant two days of back-to-back Zoom sessions--at about the time that most people were beginning to show signs of severe Zoom overload!

An impressive schedule--including sessions on persuasive communication, resiliency and public vs. private sector leadership, facilitated by renowned experts--was locked in.  But something was missing.

We lacked an “experience”--a thing that the majority (if not all) of the team had never done before. The missing puzzle piece had to do a lot of things in 60 minutes: provide a “recharge and renew” opportunity for each member of the team; give them an unexpected, relevant learning experience; and in some significant way be connected to cannabis. Oh yeah, and be “Zoomable,” too.

I immediately thought of Jamie, whom I met about two years previously. I followed his work on social media and was always intrigued. He was clearly breaking new ground in the cannabis space and on to something original, important and interesting.

He graciously took my late night phone call (in my excitement, I failed to realize how late it was) and actively and intentionally listened as I attempted to articulate my ideas and goals.

He got it. Instantly. And his proposal for a custom-designed workshop was delivered to my email inbox later the next day. It sounded perfect.  

A when he facilitated the session a few days later, it was.

Jamie created and implimented a special Trannabis Chi class that included guided breath work with affirmations towards awareness intentions, as well as opportunities to self medicate within the framework of mindful consumption. The “active” part of the class incorporated elements of Qi Gong and T’ai Chi. Jamie thoughtfully concluded the session with community time--a safe space to ask questions, share observations or just appreciate the experience with fellow travelers. ,

A lot happened in that hour. Minds and spirits benefited greatly.  

I cannot adequately express how impactful the session was. It scored “off-the-charts positives” in post-conference evaluations, And months later, staff members are still talking about it.  That should tell you something.

I can’t wait to work with Jamie again."

~Carl Fillichio, Vice President Weedmaps

"Jamie from Trannabis Chi was incredible to work with. He does everything he can to bring an energy of inclusiveness and belonging to his sessions. I loved that I could participate in a way that made me feel comfortable and safe."

~Anonymous Employee, Headset