The Trannabis Kitchen


SURPRISE!!! I’ve revamped my cooking show from college!!!
Some of you know I focused on cooking from ages 10-18. I went to professional culinary programs at age 11/12, cooked in my first professional kitchen age 14, went to The CIA at age 18. I left when my overall health tanked. I thought the dream was over.

When I was 19, I went to school for Journalism and started/led the food best for the schools online news source. By the time I was 20, we started a broadcasting network and on that I had a segment, which received some love called, “Baked With Jamie Wollberg”. This was very much ahead of its time in NY and I couldn’t legally have cannabis involved. I even didn’t get a job because of it and had it removed, lost forever - huge mistake.

Then I got too sick to cook. Left the dream behind. This hurt - hit me super hard.

In October 2020, I was about to cook some shrimp stirfry and immediately got the idea to start a new show with the HirXperience Cooking show on hiatus.