The Humxn Xperience

Parent Company 


Motto: For the love of being humxn.
The Humxn Xperience of unconditional love. Building a legacy of unconditional love w/marginalized humxns. Self 1st. We always.

The Trannabis Chi Parent Branch

Trannabis - Noun - Is a lifestyle led by a trans cannabis patient or consumer who exhibits empathy, compassion, and passion throughout all aspects of their life, in order to benefit the LGBTQAI+ and cannabis communities. #Trannabis

“YOU ARE THE SOUND. Humxn Sounds harmonizes with the world through the authentic sounds of each artist. With deep appreciation for sound therapy and electronic beats; Humxn Sounds welcomes you to the highest tempo of love.”

Humxn Haus is bringing THE SOUND home in a virtual monthly dance party. Join us during this FREE widely streamed event and together we will groove to the highest tempo of love.”

Powered by: Humxn Sounds
DJ: wvnder
Host: Jamie London Wollberg

Collaboration Company

 Join the virtual adventure! What does it all mean? Evolve with us! Birthed from The Humxn Xperience and HiRAdventure. #HiRXperience #ChewTheAdventure

Sibling Company - HiRXperience Branch

Do you want to learn how to integrate both femininity and masculinity into your business and overall life?

What is HirXperience Mentoring?

A virtual group Mentoring Xperience working within the framework of the healthy feminine and masculine to improve your business, and overall life.

Join HirXperience Mentoring and receive guidance on:

1. What femininity and masculinity means for you
2. How to utilize the spectrum of femininity and masculinity to benefit your business and life
3. What old perspectives can you let go of to bring happiness and a new kind of financial success?

HirXperience Mentoring is for those who:

1. Feel stuck and want to work within a new perspective
2. 2. Entrepreneurs seeking additional support to grow their companies/artists and healers who are looking for a way to generate income during the Covid-19 era
3. Those who want to network with likeminded entrepreneurs who want to integrate the masculine and feminine

HirXperience Mentoring is NOT:

1. Individual Coaching
2. Exclusive
3. Expensive
4. In-Person

Mentor: Noam Kostucki

FACILITATOR: Jamie London Wollberg

How much is HirXperience Mentoring?

$100 - A Month

What does that include?

1. Three (2 Hour) Zoom calls a mont
2. Other perks announced throughout the program

What are the accepted payment methods?

Venmo & CashApp

How do you register?

Reserve Your Spot Here!

How do you participate?

You will receive a private zoom invite

Sibling Company - HiRXperience Branch

Join the adventure! What does it all mean? Evolve with us! #HiRXperienceCooking #ChewTheAdventure #HiRXperience

Have you ever watched a cooking completion show and wished you could get in on the action? With HiRXperience Cooking YOU ARE the action! Join Chef Noam Kostucki with Host Trannabis in the ultimate choose your adventure cooking show, where ultimately Chef Noam has to chew the adventure.


We will begin with YOU the audience! You choose whether Chef Noam begins in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry!

Every FIVE MINUTES, our host Trannabis will pose the audience with a question and give at least two options to choose from. The audience will make the choice - majority rules or maybe we will bring some of you on screen to decide!



Love and kindness
Have fun!
Chef Noam MUST chew the adventure!

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