The Humxn Xperience

Parent Company 


Motto: For the love of being humxn.
The Humxn Xperience of unconditional love. Building a legacy of unconditional love w/marginalized humxns. Self 1st. We always.

The Trannabis Chi Parent Branch

Trannabis - Noun - Is a lifestyle led by a trans cannabis patient or consumer who exhibits empathy, compassion, and passion throughout all aspects of their life, in order to benefit the LGBTQAI2S+ and cannabis communities. #Trannabis

“YOU ARE THE SOUND. Humxn Sounds harmonizes with the world through the authentic sounds of each artist. With deep appreciation for sound therapy and electronic beats; Humxn Sounds welcomes you to the highest tempo of love.”

Humxn Haus is bringing THE SOUND home in a virtual monthly dance party. Join us during this FREE widely streamed event and together we will groove to the highest tempo of love.”

Powered by: Humxn Sounds
DJ: wvnder
Host: Jamie London Wollberg