Thank You For Booking - Spiritual Wellness Consultation

Here are some resources
to enjoy before our call! 

***Jamie recommends you experience them both alone and with your favorite person)***


  1. What are Jamie's clients saying?

  2. What is Trannabis Chi and who is Jamie London Wollberg

  3. What is the Plant-Powered Spiritual Wellness Guide To A Healthy & Balanced Life?

  4. Do you have a terms and resources archive? YES! There's a growing Terms and Resources page.

  5. Having trouble letting go of what no longer serves you? Struggling to get clarity and manifest what you really want? Participate in this Filter In and Filter Out Guided Meditation.

  6. Feeling overwhelmed and questioning whether you deserve a break? Check out this Downloaded Wisdom - Be A Tulip or Resonate with the Lizard.

  7. Do you want to receive an activation and connect with other energies? Receive the Pink Full Moon Energy.

  8. Are you feeling disconnected from the Earth? Do you need support in getting grounded? Listen to this Downloaded Wisdom and receive this Light Language Transmission Protecting The Earth and/or connect with the birds in this Light Language Activation.

  9. Feeling stressed? Radiate Peace to the world with this Light Language Transmission.

  10. Do you need a break? Are you looking for someone to resonate with what you’re experiencing? You’re not alone with this Downloaded Wisdom.

  11. Are you looking to bring more light into your life and be the light you truly are? Harness the light through meditation and movement in this Trannabis Chi Class or activate your ability to harness the light with this Light Language Transmission.

  12. Are you in need of soul healing? Breath into this 12.12 Gateway Transmission for soul healing.

  13. Want to see some UFO’s (UAP’s) in NYC? YES

  14. Do you need a reminder of how important and worthy you are? Are you finding yourself stagnant when you need to take action? Would you like to attract more people into your life who are in alignment? Get inspired with this motivating Downloaded Wisdom.

  15. Are you feeling heart-broken? Here’s a heart-centered healing Light Language Activation.

  16. Are you feeling trapped and/or drained of energy from a relationship, or situation in your life? Release with this Freedom Cleanse Light Language Activation.

  17. Meet Krisanthony, The Lyran Representative of The Light Collective and connect further.

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I am a legal medical cannabis patient in the state of California. If you receive services from me, know I am healing with plant medicine. Anything I say, do, or provide in service or otherwise is not to be considered professional medical advice. Please consult a professional medical provider or veterinarian should there be a medical issue or concern. I am not a medical professional. You are fully responsible for adhering to your local cannabis laws. You must be 21+ years-old in order to participate. You are fully responsible for obtaining your cannabis for sessions.