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Honey Smith-Walls Video Testimonial

“I had never received any type of energy healing before be it in person or virtually, and I would have to say a bit skeptical about it but Jamie really showed me what Reiki is all about! I felt very at ease and truly loved while we spoke about what I wished to heal in my life and body. Once we consumed cannabis and sent Reiki to it, I immediately felt a shift in my energy. 
The Reiki was done virtually but this did not take away from the experience whatsoever. Throughout the experience, I felt my energy fluctuating and moving in ways I have never experienced before. Tingling and shifting up and down my body. I felt waves of memories both good and bad that I was able to process and release, new found appreciation for life and my experiences within it, and more! I felt totally comfortable and cared for the entire time. Once we finished, I felt like a was more clear on my life, and able to truly feel my energy moving without blockage, connecting me both to the earth and the heavens. Thank you so much, Jamie, for this wonderful healing experience!”
~Zach McKinnon, Virtual Session

"I knew I wouldn't get a traditional program when I asked Jamie to participate in our education and leadership development conference. But I never expected the level of excellence he infused into his session. I was simply blown away. Here’s why I think so highly of him . . .

Back in December 2020, I was tasked to organize the first education and leadership conference for the government relations team at Weedmaps. A fairly small department within the company (about twelve people), the assignment was still a challenge: The team consisted of professionals at every level--from “associates” (recent college graduates) to seasoned political operatives--and they were far-flung across the country. That meant two days of back-to-back Zoom sessions--at about the time that most people were beginning to show signs of severe Zoom overload!

An impressive schedule--including sessions on persuasive communication, resiliency and public vs. private sector leadership, facilitated by renowned experts--was locked in.  But something was missing.

We lacked an “experience”--a thing that the majority (if not all) of the team had never done before. The missing puzzle piece had to do a lot of things in 60 minutes: provide a “recharge and renew” opportunity for each member of the team; give them an unexpected, relevant learning experience; and in some significant way be connected to cannabis. Oh yeah, and be “Zoomable,” too.

I immediately thought of Jamie, whom I met about two years previously. I followed his work on social media and was always intrigued. He was clearly breaking new ground in the cannabis space and on to something original, important and interesting.

He graciously took my late night phone call (in my excitement, I failed to realize how late it was) and actively and intentionally listened as I attempted to articulate my ideas and goals.

He got it. Instantly. And his proposal for a custom-designed workshop was delivered to my email inbox later the next day. It sounded perfect.  

A when he facilitated the session a few days later, it was.

Jamie created and implimented a special Trannabis Chi class that included guided breath work with affirmations towards awareness intentions, as well as opportunities to self medicate within the framework of mindful consumption. The “active” part of the class incorporated elements of Qi Gong and T’ai Chi. Jamie thoughtfully concluded the session with community time--a safe space to ask questions, share observations or just appreciate the experience with fellow travelers. ,

A lot happened in that hour. Minds and spirits benefited greatly.  

I cannot adequately express how impactful the session was. It scored “off-the-charts positives” in post-conference evaluations, And months later, staff members are still talking about it.  That should tell you something.

I can’t wait to work with Jamie again."

~Carl Fillichio, Vice President Weedmaps

"I had seen people doing tai chi in parks in the Bay Area for many years, and I finally tried it during a Trannabis Chi private session. Jamie's calm and focused approach made it very easy to relax and follow my breath as we moved slowly through the poses (is this the right word?). The practice made me very aware of the mind-body connection, and in addition to the relaxing and detoxifying effects, the session was also a workout. Over the following days, I noticed a greatly increased awareness of the positive effects of my posture during my daily routine of cooking, working, walking, and self-care. I recommend Jamie's private sessions to gain the most personalized and thorough benefits of Trannabis Chi."
~Danielle Schumacher, Co-Founder & CEO

"Jamie from Trannabis Chi was incredible to work with. He does everything he can to bring an energy of inclusiveness and belonging to his sessions. I loved that I could participate in a way that made me feel comfortable and safe."

~Anonymous Employee, Headset

"My session with Jamie was eye opening and put me in a state of bliss for the rest of the day. The techniques and concepts were discussed and demonstrated very well and lead me to develop a greater understanding for the whole art. I am certainly looking forward to the next one."
~Noitalumis, Virtual Choose Your Journey Session


"Trannabis Chi is the self-care that you didn't even know you needed. Whether you're looking to add to your current practice, or you're starting something new, Jamie creates a space for expansion worth checking out. Coming from an OG trans-masculine experience, I tend to wrestle with a fair amount of anxiety when betting wellness providers. Jamie created an easy come-as-you-are vibe that quickly smoothed any barriers from the very first email. By the time we were done with our first virtual-session, I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. Good stuff. Highly recommended!"

~ Anonymous, Choose Your Journey Session  


"Jamie has a heart of an angel. Unconditional and healing are at the core of his sessions. This was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. Jamie is a great proficient in tai chi and chi gong. The alchemy of movement and plant medicine has helped release the blockages and once again I can breath."

~Remediosa, Artist, Virtual Choose Your Journey Session

"If you suffer from physical pain, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and/or fear of missing out - you would benefit from slowing down and just "being." Jamie is the perfect teacher to guide you into this. His care for your wellbeing is evident in the attention to details. After class you leave feeling lighter and more in touch with yourself and the world."
“Jamie led my husband and I in an excellent virtual session.  We were able to express our desires for the session and Jamie integrated them seamlessly into the practice.  I wasn’t sure how I would like a session like this on a virtual platform, but it was very easy to ground and connect.  Jamie’s presence was able to reach across the ether and help our practice even from hundreds of miles away.  I am a huge fan of using Cannabis medicine to integrate with movement medicine, and Jamie was a great guide on this journey.”
 ~ Anonymous, Virtual Choose Your Journey Session
~ Stephanie Michele, @relatewithsteph  
  "As an entrepreneur and business owner, it's difficult to find time for self care. Trannabis Chi provided that remedy. Jamie was very welcoming and provided a safe space for the entire class to explore the benefits of T'ai Chi in a very unique way. I highly recommend to any individual looking to better themselves and any team who is looking for enhanced connection." 
~ Mike Lisek, Founder of Althea.Solutions  
“You owe it to yourself to attend a Trannabis Chi event. Being an entrepreneur, I am always thinking about work, lately it has been tough finding time to meditate. During this one hour event, I was able to finally relax and clear my head of all the running thoughts about my todo list. Jamie's voice is calming and was very relaxing to listen to. Afterwards I was able to fall asleep easily. I will definitely be attending more of Jamie's events.”
~ Adelia Carrillo, EventHi 
“I had a session with Jamie and it was amazing! We medicated, meditated and medicated at the end of our session. What was most important is we meditated in abundance and purpose. I immediately experienced overflow 👍🏾💜. Thank you again for your light 🤗
~ Star Graves, Founder of Starts Galactic Connect 
"Jamie is a kind and gentle instructor that creates a safe space in which to try something new. His unique practice of Trannabis Chi brought me an overall sense of well-being. Jamie's voice is like magic and he makes it easy and fun to follow along. A great experience for anyone looking for a different way to love yourself.
~ Yvonne Brown, LCA Travel & Events
 "I love trying new things especially if they involve movement and Trannabis Chi did not disappoint. Jamie was an excellent teacher who made me feel comfortable and confident that I could learn the Tai Chi forms. The cannabis topicals offered during the class augmented the relaxation and helped me focus on the spoken meditations that went along with movements."

 Anonymous, 60 minute beginner class at Thymele Arts  

"Trannabis Chi is a wonderful experience that I want to expand more with and see what direction it will take me mentally and physically. The class went so fast for me. It was great being able to focus on just the moment and how it benefitted my body." 

~ Anonymous, 60 minute New Beginnings Class at Thymele Arts  

"Trannabis Chi was such an uplifting experience. My class was curated for those new to the practice and therefore perfect for me and my ability. Jamie provided such a warm space with lots of personal touches that created and safe, inviting class." 

~ Anonymous, 60 minute New Beginnings Class at South Los Munchies  

"Trannabis Chi was an incredible, eye-opening experience that surprised me with how much emotional and physical baggage was tugging away inside of me. I had a wonderful time exploring myself and sharing that with the group through our exercises in the session."  

~ Anonymous, 60 minute New Beginnings Class at South Los Munchies 

"Truly a wonderful experience. I felt very relaxed and excited about all my positive affirmations to help guide me through life. Jamie is an amazing teacher and guide! Thank you ❤️"

~ Anonymous, 60-minute Virtual Choose Your Journey Session

"Jamie's class has a familial vibe, like you've known him for years. He makes you feel welcomed and safe, allowing you to cut through the noise of the city, the never-ending lists in your mind, and any other tensions you may have, and just be in the moment with your breath."  

 ~ Anonymous, 60-minute New Beginnings class at South Los Munchies 

"Thank you to Trannabis Chi for the amazing session we had! Self-care healing is so important and you brought the connection out. With your assistance, I was able to connect with my inner child and create a balance that is still with me. So thank you so much."

 ~ Anonymous, 60-minute 

Choose Your Journey Session

Maggie Fromm Video Testimonial

“Jamie recently gave an oracle reading for me. He went into depth about past lifetimes and what my purpose is in this lifetime and beyond.  Jamie channeled in so much knowledge to me that I am still reeling with all of it and digesting it. He overdelivered and helped me to see my potential. Jamie’s gifts are so deep and beautiful. He gives with grace and humility. I am beyond humbled by his abilities. I HIGHLY recommend receiving an oracle reading from Jamie. You will leave the reading swimming in knowledge and love. Thank you Jamie!!!🌞❤️🙏”

~Anonymous, oracle reading client 

"I am still in awe by the resonance in your words and energy to my soul from the Oracle Reading the other night on Clubhouse. I want you to know the message is received and I am moving accordingly. The synchronicities in the gift “Discrimination” through your channel was divinely on track with what I needed next to upgrade myself. I really hope the magic you create is as rewarding to you as it is for your clients. Your warming vibe helped my grandmother and I be comfortable and vulnerable as you medium blessings. I am grateful for the safe spaces and lives you uplift when you enter." 

~Claudia, Shroom Room, Oracle Reading Client

"How do you write a testimonial for someone who has changed your life? Perhaps the best way is by starting with what led me to them... Sleep has always been a constant in my life. If I felt sick, sad, depressed, or stressed - all I had to do was close my eyes and find it to be all better when I awoke. I used to joke that I could drift off to sleep at any time of the day or night within minutes. I got by my entire life that way, and then the pandemic hit..... There I was in the eye of the storm of a pandemic and unbearable racial tensions as a critical care nurse and Black woman, telling myself to just put one foot in front of the other. As a trauma that I buried a year prior started to present itself, stress-related illnesses began to appear, and my ability to stay asleep began to become difficult. Fighting for my patients, the community who weren’t  complying with safety mandates, racial justice, and my own mental health proved to be more than I could bear. I felt like I was sinking into a hole that I couldn’t get myself out of. By the end of 2020 I started experiencing insomnia. Suddenly the one constant in my life I still felt I could control was gone. I couldn’t get myself to sleep and it absolutely terrified me. Every evening brought on the anxiety of whether or not I would be able to get myself to sleep. As my health began to deteriorate, I decided to start reaching out for help. While my descent began to level off with the help of therapy and sleep apps, I still was not getting restful sleep. Because of my work, pharmaceuticals were out of the question. The daily migraines and neck/shoulder pain not only continued, but worsened. It was difficult to stay optimistic. Then an app invitation changed my life. I wandered into the world of Clubhouse. Fascinated by this new platform of connection and networking, I found myself spending all of my free time there. On the second day I discovered Jaime’s room, “Tucking You In”, a live guided sleep meditation. I loved the idea and while I didn’t have any expectations, I was open to the experience. Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by Jaime. Within moments, I had an incredible sense of calm and comfort in knowing that I was in a completely safe space and in capable, loving hands. I drifted off into the deepest, most restful sleep of my life within 15 minutes. To my surprise and relief I awoke without my alarm pain free, rested, and with a smile on my face. Jaime is incredibly gifted and I am so eternally grateful for their dedication and time spent guiding us to sleep. Jaime is now the most important element of my bedtime routine on work nights. Being guided by Jaime feels like a virtual massage. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Jaime I wholeheartedly recommend it as a nurse and human. Thank you Jaime. I have so much gratitude for you."

~ Shaunte Jackson, BSN, RN, Guided Sleep Meditation on Clubhouse

"My experience with Trannabis has always been energetically aligned and up-lifting. I feel that I can always count on his spiritual guidance when I need it most. I never have experienced healing through meditation and spirituality the way that I do when I am interacting with Jamie and all the spiritual wellness activities he guides his viewers through. I have benefited so much from his Oracle readings, chats about wellness, guided meditations, and even light language healing. I definitely recommend Jamie, he is comforting, kind, and encouraging, and truly wants the best for everyone."

~Zach McKinnon, Light Language Healing Client