Reiki With Light Language

Jamie London Wollberg aka Trannabis (he/him)
Healer and Spiritual Wellness Coach

2 Hours Plant-Infused Session: $222
90 Minutes NOT Plant-Infused: $181

***Additional love donations are welcomed and deeply appreciated.***

What is Reiki with Light Language?

Sessions with the combination of reiki and light language is used to support the client in supporting their intentions, as well as healing any energetic blockages intuitively found during the session. 

Who is this offering appropriate for?

Anyone who is interested in receiving energy healing for their body, mind, and soul.

What can I expect during my session?

Sessions are unique to each client and each individual session. Sessions include consultation, meditation, intentional medicating if you choose a plant-infused session, reiki, and feedback. The clients feedback will be based on their experience and I will respond, as well as go over what occurred and came up during the session.

What results may I receive from my session?

You may feel validated, protected, supported, encouraged, relief, release, free, healed, clear-headed, focused, determined, passionate, calm, blissful, euphoric, stable, curious, and more.

What Is My Training?

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki 1&2 Certified
with Affiliate Member Brandie Culver of International Center for Reiki Training

If you have any questions about Reiki with Light Language sessions, please reserve a FREE Spiritual Wellness Consult.


“I had never received any type of energy healing before be it in person or virtually, and I would have to say a bit skeptical about it but Jamie really showed me what Reiki is all about! I felt very at ease and truly loved while we spoke about what I wished to heal in my life and body. Once we consumed cannabis and sent Reiki to it, I immediately felt a shift in my energy. 
The Reiki was done virtually but this did not take away from the experience whatsoever. Throughout the experience, I felt my energy fluctuating and moving in ways I have never experienced before. Tingling and shifting up and down my body. I felt waves of memories both good and bad that I was able to process and release, new found appreciation for life and my experiences within it, and more! I felt totally comfortable and cared for the entire time. Once we finished, I felt like a was more clear on my life, and able to truly feel my energy moving without blockage, connecting me both to the earth and the heavens. Thank you so much, Jamie, for this wonderful healing experience!”
~Zach McKinnon, Plant-Infused Virtual Session