Please Share Your Love Campaign

We have created a society where for many, it requires at times, intense strength to say I love you. One of the most simple and in our opinion; the most powerful phrase of all time. It’s within our humxn experience, that we deeply desire to be told this phrase, even before we understand it. Some may not want or feel able within their circumstances to say it, and it doesn’t mean it isn’t authentically wanted. It’s a phrase some may not realize they need and want to hear. We believe unconditional love is foundational to The Humxn Xperience. To that end, or shall we say, beginning - we have one ask of you.
In order to bring this affirmation to light for ALL as we enter a new year and new world, we will be starting the #PleaseShareYourLove campaign. THE ASK is that you EMAIL US a video where literally, all you say is “I love you”. These clips will be molded together into something we feel passionate about, to start off the year. The plan is for this video to be released for the 1st of January. As a result, THE DEADLINE 1/31/21. Please email your video to Once you’ve sent it, checkout the new #PleaseShareYourLove campaign merch in the Trannabis Chi Shop.
Thank you for being you!!! You are loved.