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The foundation of PRIDE is LOVE.
So much of the time, there's an emphasis on the anger, hatred, fear (among other distressing emotions) when it comes to talking about PRIDE. 
And YES, I'm here as a proud queen and trans man because of the many who came before me, who had to fight for things as simple as holding hands in public to marriage, and more. There is SO MUCH MORE we need to do in order to bring safety, equality, and acceptance for the LGBTQAI2S+ community, especially for those who are also within other marginalized communities.  All of this is true.
None of this erases how much love got us here. LOVE WAS THERE when Marsha P. Johnson threw the first brick at Stonewall because of how deeply she loved her community (this is not a statement for violence, this is not a one dimensional story, nor was Marsha a one dimensional person). LOVE WAS THERE when the romantic partners and friends never left the bedside of their beloveds and friends as they wasted away during the AIDS epidemic. LOVE WAS THERE at every ACT UP rally - ACT UP FIGHT AIDS! LOVE WAS THERE at every peaceful and exciting Dyke March (that's the official name). LOVE WAS THERE for ever single one of the first legal same-sex marriages. The list goes on.
When we embody unconditional love, we can bring us into an entirely new world, one of infinite possibilities we have access to.
 A world where everyone is loved and accepted exactly for who they are. A world where trans people, especially trans womxn of color are no longer murdered. A world where no grossed out faces are made or slurs yelled at couples for kissing. A world where getting hired or fired has nothing to do with your sexuality or gender. A world where those of all races are treated with equal respect and dignity. A world where accessibility not only matters, but is always honored. A world where you're not shamed, but celebrated for your body, mind, and soul. The list goes on.
So this Pride Month (even though Pride is 365), let's remember how much love has always been here and go forth with the unconditional love we came from.
LOVE IS HERE when we share our truth.
LOVE IS HERE when we come together and build community.
LOVE IS HERE when we celebrate one another for our gifts, achievements, and contributions.
LOVE IS HERE when we say, "I love you." 
LOVE IS HERE when we say, "I see you and I hear you."
LOVE IS HERE when we taking loving actions to make the world a better place for us all.
LOVE IS HERE and everywhere - when we choose to see it.
Come and get your love - I have an infinite amount of it. 
Tune Into Love: Light Language With Reiki
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