Channeled Art Healings

Channeled Art Healings

$66 for One Hour Virtually
$66 + Travel for One Hour In-Person


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What are Channeled Art Healings?

Channeled Art Healings are sessions where clients are guided through the process of channeling art within whichever medium of art they prefer. This process is might be experienced as:
therapeutic in nature
helpful in receiving downloads
helpful in relieving stress and anxiety
helpful in unlocking creativity and clearing mental blocks
helpful in processing and healing trauma experienced in any moment
helpful in seeing new perspectives
helpful in discovering solutions to problems

Who is this offering appropriate for?

Anyone who is interested in tapping into and/or strengthening their intuition, as well as receiving messages through channeling
Anyone interested in utilizing art for therapeutic benefits of the body, mind, and soul
Anyone interested in tapping into their inner child and remembering how to play

What can I expect during my session?

Sessions are unique to each client and each individual session. Clients can utilized any medium of art they desire. They will be free to discuss anything on their heart, as well as anything which is coming up during their time of creation. This is a safe space of unconditional love to share and be yourself without judgement. This is an opportunity to have a visual mirror.  

What results may I receive from my session?

You may feel validated, protected, supported, encouraged, relief, release, free, healed, clear-headed, focused, determined, passionate, calm, blissful, euphoric, stable, curious, and more.

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