Team Trannabis Chi

Meet Team Trannabis Chi!!!


Jamie London Wollberg (He/Him/His)

Jamie is a queer and differently-able trans man on a mission to heal both himself and others within marginalized communities, especially in the LGBTQAI+ and differently-able communities. Through his creation of Trannabis, Jamie lives the Trannabis lifestyle, which opened up a world of possibilities. His motivation comes from his own experiences of being sick for over six years and transitioning for over four years, as well as hearing the stories of others.

While bedridden for the third time in 2019, over a period of nine months, Jamie was finally diagnosed with a multi-genetic disease called Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness. It was then, at UCLA, Jamie was told it was crucial he reduce and manage his stress, and get himself physically moving.

Jamie was referred to physical therapy at Ho Physical Therapy where he was taught T'ai Chi. Jamie immediately fell in-love with the non-violent martial art and with positive guidance, began the journey to become a certified instructor of T'ai Chi and Qi Gong through SCW Fitness.

Within a few days, Jamie saw a drastic change in his health and wellness and it became very clear the success could be attributed to the addition of responsible legal medical cannabis consumption within his practice. Jamie would consume cannabis in micro-doses and proceed to practice Qi Gong and then T'ai Chi, followed by finishing with more micro-dosing of MGC. 

After spending some time searching, Jamie was unable to find anyone who was talking about the combination of these three practices, let alone teaching them together. Trannabis Chi was born and now Jamie strives to spread the chi anywhere and everyone possible.